What does Haravanda even means anyway?

That’s a question I got a lot. It’s basically a fictional name that I made up combining my initials (H.A.) and a derivative of Esmeralda ( don’t ask me why) . In overall it’s a name created in a spur of the moment for a group comic in middle school. No one else has it so I would assume it’s mine to take for exclusivity.

Which art programs/tools do you use?

I work with Manga Studio, Photoshop, ink and watercolor

Can I use/repost your works?

I would prefer linking the works back to this site for free works but if you must please contact me have put my name on the credit. Do not repost works I’ve put on the store.

Are you open for commission?

Yes! I am opening for commissions. My rate will change depends on the nature of the job as well as the time provided (rush order will cost more as I’ll have to put things aside to finish the commission on time). Just email me with the job information and I’m open for negotiation. Open for negotiation do not means that I will take the work.